Bio Kevin C. Davison

Kevin C. Davison is a native of Portland, Oregon. Kevin is passionate about writing and perfecting his art. His first motto was, “I write to entertain and for a cause.” His newest addition of mottos now states, “I am the ever-evolving writer.” He hopes to get his degree, evolve as a writer, learn how to compose more varieties of writing projects, and one day perhaps write a screenplay that will make it on television and or the "Big Screen." Kevin is very passionate about writing. Poetry, fiction, and music lyrics have been strong points during his younger years.

Kevin has written various creative works since his elementary school years. As a writer, Kevin has written and published four books within the science-fiction and fantasy-adventure genres. He now attends Southern New Hampshire University where he is majoring a Bachelor’s Degree for Creative Writing, English with a focus on Screen Writing.

Behind the Curtin


"The Console" and "The Assignment."Both of these screenplay "shorts" were assignments writtenand created by Kevin C. Davison. As he finished the last screenplay "short,""The Assignment," he discovered from a late response of his professor that thestudents had all been confused by the poor-worded...
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Behind the Curtin Installment 4: Short Screenplay- Deny Death No More

My son has autism and in dealing with his progress and development I have learned so much on how he sees things. His innocence is untarnished. He inspires me daily with what he achieves as i inspired my father through my achievements over my childhood ailments. My son is precious to me ass are all...
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Behind the Curtin Installment 3: Short Story - Memoirs of a Village Boy

The inspiration for Memoirs of a Village Boy came from a combination of the current assignment writing a short story between 250 and 300 words and having it contain all elements of a complete tale as well as be descriptive and the prior week’s assignment, a memoir about myself. I am an avid fiction...
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Behind the Curtin Installment 2: The Evolution of a Writer

During my studies under the instruction of Professor Collier at SNHU we had an assignment to discover our voice. During this search I found that my writings went deeper than dark poetry and science-fiction or fantasy novels. I found new forms of poetry and new techniques to adapt into my arsenal. I...
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Behind the Curtin Installment 1: Cancer Poem

The inspiration for the SNHU project titled Cancer Poem came from Kevin's personal experience of childhood cancer. It has been over 20 years since Kevin faced cancer as a child, but it still torments him by afflicting and taking several of his friends and family in recent years. Kevin despises...
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