Behind the Curtin Installment 4: Short Screenplay- Deny Death No More

My son has autism and in dealing with his progress and development I have learned so much on how he sees things. His innocence is untarnished. He inspires me daily with what he achieves as i inspired my father through my achievements over my childhood ailments. My son is precious to me ass are all my other children and this project was inspired by him. I hoped to create a scene where the autistic character claims to understand death and leaves the conflict searing that notion into the mind of his counterpart. The dreaded reality still remains that he may or may not actually comprehend death. This creative aspect is left open for the director and actors to play with. Personally, I would rather write another scene depicting the funeral and dreaded true outcome when the subject attempts to understand death but his mind fabricates an alternate perception of it entirely. The scene would show from his mind's perspective as to how he deals with the dreaded subject matter of death like a child might.