"The Console" and "The Assignment."

Both of these screenplay "shorts" were assignments written
and created by Kevin C. Davison. As he finished the last screenplay "short,"
"The Assignment," he discovered from a late response of his professor that the
students had all been confused by the poor-worded assignment and that they
actually only had to write a short synopsis about two ideas for screenplay
"shorts." They had to abide the rules of Gurskis.
Kevin put a lot of time into these screenplays and still wanted to share them
as a part of his portfolio.

"The Console" is a screenplay "short" based on the idea that
a living entity is using entertainment devices world-wide to feed off of human
minds whenever they are being used. This film utilizes the Xbox 360 and is
based off of real experience game play with friends of Kevin. It is written with
the purpose of suspense and psychological-thriller content.

"The Assignment" is a screenplay short about an SNHU student
with ADD having to write a last minute screenplay assignment for class. He
struggles with this project throughout his day via his ADD and other
distractions. This is written as a comedy and based on "true" events.