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Great Work!

hey K!
Powerful work!! I look how you're able to build a world for your character that's easily accessible for your reader! I'm looking forward to great things from you!
Also, I will definitely post your link on my FB page.

Re: Great Work!

Professor Collier,
You are an amazing instructor and very supportive of your students. I learned a lot from your course and hope to continue to make you proud. Perhaps we wil cross paths in future classes or projects. Best regards,
Kevin C. Davison.

Your writing

The imagery you use in your work is very vivid. When I read your pieces, I feel as if I have an intimant connection with you as the story teller. I find very few authors are capable of such depth and connectivity with their readers. I'm very excited to read your future works.

Re: Your writing

Thank you my friend. Your words of wisdom have inspired some of my future projects. Regards,
Kevin C. Davison.

Next great American writer

Great writing! I am very proud of you.

Re: Next great American writer

Thank you mom! You are so supportive of my work and everything I am passionate about.
Kevin C. Davison.


Well done, Kevin. You do good work, mate.

Re: Portfolio

Thank you very much. You are an inspiration to writers like myself. I hope to one day have a screenplay made into a movie or two like yourself. Best regards,
Kevin C. Davison.


Two excellent choices to share. I think they show the wide range of writing styles you possess. I particularly like your writer's statement. Nicely done. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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