Athyxian Chronicles: An Assassin's Revenge

For his fourth publication, Kevin wrote a third installment to the Athyxian Chronicles Series where he took a dark approach and surprised his readers with his storyline. Book three soared high in the sales charts coming close to the top 100 on Amazon. To read some sample pages of this novel go to and click the icon of the book where it says "Look Inside."

"Sometimes the deeds of a hero have nothing but good tidings and positive effects in the world. On rare occasions negative repercussions follow. In the case of the heroes of Athyx vengeance follows. The villains who survived the wrath of the heroes plot their revenge. Celeste shows her true colors and power as she makes a pact with enemies of the heroes to aid her in a divine mission she was assigned to complete by her goddess, the Crimson Lady. Things don’t go as Celeste plans and two heroes will be devastated because of this."