Athhyxian Chonicles: Reign of Viscus

Athyxian Chonicles: Reign of Viscus

The first novel written by Kevin C. Davison introduced a dark world with unique elements not commonly found in a single storyline. First published in February of 2010, this book grew popular and has been released in a Special Second Edition back in April of 2013. To read some sample pages of this novel go to and click the icon of the book where it says "Look Inside."

"A dark god known as Viscus takes control of the pantheon. Viscus the vile undead wraith god threatens to wipe out all life on the world of Athyx. With the rest of the gods stripped of their power and imprisoned it is up to mortals alone to stand against the powerful god of Oblivion. The most unlikely heroes find their destinies are one and the same and unite to face terrors beyond belief. Horror and darkness haunt them around every bend. How can the so-called heroes stand against such horrors alone?"