Re: Your work

I couldn't ask for a more supportive wife. Thank you,
Kevin C. Davison.

Cancer Poem

I absolutely love the imagery. I can't pick a favorite line. The first line really grabs me: "as naturally as the universe expands." I read it more than one. Nice work!

Re: Cancer Poem

Thank you Catherine! This poem has had a lot of feedback with regards to its "Hope giving purpose." Regards,
Kevin C. Davison.


I would also include your printed works prior to SNHU in a separate portfolio, Kevin. While those works may not be part of the writing portfolio for SNHU, they are part of your life, your writing portfolio, and are what inspired you to further your craft and hone your talent. Very nice job.

Re: Portfolio

This was project specific for a class. I may upload more pages down the road for future publications as you recommend now that the class has come to a close for this project. You are an amazing author! I respect your advice. Regards,
Kevin C. Davison.

Kevin portfolio

I think you pointed out all of the strong points on your portfolio. What you put in your portfolio, helps me write a better portfolio.


Irene Holmes

Re: Kevin portfolio

Thank you for your support and peer advice. I wish you the best in your future writing endeavors. Regards,
Kevin C. Davison.

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