In this portfolio my goal is to not only show two important pieces of my work that I authored for my Creative Writing Class, but to represent the wide range of talent I possess as a writer.

My purpose as a writer has never changed, even since I became a published author, and then began school for screenwriting. My concept of writing is to never close down or become limited to a single genre or style of writing. My motto as a writer is, “I write to entertain, and for a cause.” I state that with the devotion of a writer who is an “ever evolving writer.” This means I want to write anything appealing to me or my audiences from journalism, to poetry, to fictional novels, or even non-fiction projects. It is very important to me to continually evolve as a writer because I refuse to have limitations. I believe my skills as a writer are limited only by constrains of my imagination and time on this Earth.

In this portfolio I will present a poem inspired by my childhood affliction with cancer and its lasting scars, mental and physical. It was a project meant to create a dramatic and emotional poem. The project titled Cancer Poem drew in several comments from my classmates.

Susan-Sojourna Collier, Professor of Creative Writing @ SNHU – Manchester, NH:  “Very good work, Kevin. You wrote a poem that paints the pix of a person conquering cancer.”

Kyanna Kitt, Creative Writing Major @ SNHU – Norfolk, VA: “This poem is so powerful! I felt the emotions: I felt the rage. I felt the triumph.”

Irene Holmes, Screen Writing Major @ SNHU – Olympia, WA: “I felt emotion in this poem, and felt kind of sorry for the person who got sick.”

My second piece I am presenting in this portfolio is the short story titled Memoirs of a Village Boy. It was a project that was supposed to be between 250 and 300 words, though I could not find it in me to shorten it any more than I did and thus it went over by 33 words.

Antoinette Hayes, Creative Writing/Screen Writing Major @ SNHU  – Orlando, FL:  “I wanted more to read. I hope that this is one of your portfolio examples because it’s a good start.”

 In conclusion to this Letter of Introduction, I hope to leave you as I left Antoinette Hays, wanting to read more.

Kevin C. Davison.


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